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Jul 18, 2010 9:00pm PDT
to the u.s. market later this summer. it also hasn't revealed what cellphone carry air it will run less. and >> and it's good they made on how one of these. . >> live in nice weather there temperatures. in cooler by the bay. the not too bad. >> see u.s. 11 everybody have a good night. >>
Jul 25, 2010 9:00pm PDT
their dogs either. the >> coming up see u.s. and south korea sent a very clear message to north korea. also in soutthos coming up on kron 4 news. >> we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. military exercisers' continued in the c today >> it's a big ship intended to serve as a big message the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier george washington and picked his paid in the kickoff sunday between the united states and south korea. killed 46 sailors. the united states and says correa blames north korea for the attack. that nation's government blasted the war game. as shenyang observers watch and worry. >> it's going to see what happens as these exercises go on for four days. but nonetheless this is a concern. >> washington says the door is still open for north korean leader if his government changes its aggressive course. >> we are willing to meet with them we are willing to negotiate to move toward normal relations >> u.s. military officials say right now there is no sign of movement in north korea >> we have all heard of how the boss of british petroleum wants his l
Jul 24, 2010 9:00pm PDT
the these their batteries that recharge into the u.s. beat off. this is the key to hong solera solar powered ipod speaker. sweet to me by the pool of your workout signed its solar powered. this is in a slip this is the flips' why it's a new camera. as some slides out its fancier its lead screen. so in the shoot your videos you can watch them. the flip camera it's a new flip slide. begin record for hours. it looks less and less like a camera. >> a case of for more on all the gadgets than text story is you can head to our web site at kron 4 doc com. coming up you probably seen the photo but now we do have video of what this huge well as the end of a yacht in san south africa. >> we will be back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. >> imagine being on this he got nice sunny day. that's a well coming out of the water and walking into the yacht. that's off the coast of south africa. you might have seen a fog of this last week. the two people on the board were ok. the death mask was snapped in half. the see the well seem to be ok. they set swimming away a few minutes later. they experts say th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3